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How to approve and advance a payrun

The approval process should be used once all of your payroll data for the period, both permanent and variable, have been completed. The approval process effectively "closes" the payroll for the period, allowing for the printing of your employees' payslips, submission of RTI files, and advancement into the next pay period.

If you are unsure or unfamiliar with the update and approval process, we would recommend using the Run Payroll wizard, as it guides you through the process. However, if you are confident in the steps required, then the Approve and Advance option can be used.

Note: Both methods achieve the same result. The only difference is that the Run Payroll wizard walks you through the process. You can start the Run Payroll wizard using the Run Payroll button.

These instructions are for the Approve and Advance option.

Step 1 - Approve and Advance:

Before you have approved and advanced the payroll it will remain 'not approved'. This is stated to the right of the screen, next to the pay period / pay day information line.

Go to the  Employees or Payroll menu, then select the Approve and Advance option.

Step 2 - Approving the Payrun

Your payroll summary table is displayed. If you need to amend the pay date for the period, please do so in the Pay Day box toward the end of the table. Once happy, click the Approve Payrun button.

Step 3 - Printing Payslips and P32, and sending RTI files

Next is the Summary & Advance section. From this screen, you can print your payslips and produce your P32 report. Click on the PDF icon in the actions column next to the appropriate task.

At this stage in the approval process, you need to submit your FPS to HMRC for the period. Submit your FPS file using the Make a Submission option.  You may also need to submit an EPS if you are recovering statutory payments, are reporting CIS Suffered, are claiming Employment Allowance, or if you are not making any payments to employees for this period.  Click Make a different RTI submission for the full file submission menu.

To advance to the next period, submit your FPS or click Skip Submission if you are not filing for this period (not recommended).

Step 4 - Advancing into next pay period

Once you have advance to the next period, you are unable to make changes to the previous period. Please ensure you are completely happy before selecting this option.

To move the payroll into the next period, click the Advance to Next Period button.

You have now completely closed the previous period, and have moved into the next period for processing.

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