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Accountant reports

How to run your reports

There are a number of reports available in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). The reports are held in the following tabs:

  • Recommended
  • Management Reports
  • Frequently Run
  • My Custom Reports
  • All Reports
  • Accountant Reports

To access your reports, login to QBOA and to the left click Reports. The six tabs named as above will appear on screen, you can run your chosen report.

Management Reports

Reports in QBOA can either be downloaded, exported to a PDF format plus (for Management Reports) exported to a Word document.

Management Reports can be sent to your clients in PDF format via an email.

Company Snapshot allows a diagnosis of your income, expenses, customers and suppliers in a pictorial view.

Reporting Discrepancies

QBOA has some useful and important reports to reveal to you important adjustments made within the Trial Balance as well as within any Journals, to help reconcile any discrepancies, should they arise. The Adjusting Journal Entries and the Adjusted Trial Balance report are only available to Accountants and summarise the debit and credit balances, including adjusting entries, of each account on your chart of accounts during a period of time.

The majority of your QBOA reports offers a link within the values allowing you to drill-down, for further investigation.

To help with further analysis, the Reconciliation Report offers the ability to explore the figures for any uncleared deposits or credits.

Report Tools present a reconciliation status as at the closing date for the books. To access, go to QBOA and click on Home. At the top of the page, click on the briefcase icon followed by Report Tools.


Customised Reports

When working with your reports and you find that you would prefer the reporting to be presented in a way that is more useful to you and your firm, you can amend the default reporting to suit your needs. To do this:

  1. Click Reports, from the left hand menu and just below the header of your chosen report, click Customise.
  2. On the Customise Report section to the right of the page, you can make changes the report by clicking on General, Rows/Columns and Header/Footer expandables.
  3. When finished, you can click Run report which will give you a preview of your changes.
  4. Click the Save Customisation button at the top right ensuring that you amend the default name, otherwise the report will not save.

Access Customised Reports

To access reports that you have customised, click Reports from the left hand menu, followed by My Custom Reports.

Sharing Customised Reports

To share any reports that you have customised, simply click the Save customisation button. This will then give you the option to share the customised report with your staff or all those that have access to the company file.

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