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Cant link card one money account

QuickBooks Team

Cant link card one money account

Let me help you in downloading your bank transactions, artyccfc.


It seems that Card One Money isn't a supported bank to integrate with QuickBooks Online. I've also tried to search and connect it through the Banking page and nothing appears. We can send a request to our Banking Team so that the said financial institution will be included into our online banking. On the Connect an account page, you'll see the Request support for your bank button. Click it and enter the official URL of Card One Money and click Request.unsupported bank.PNG

In the meantime, you can manually import your transactions into QuickBooks Online. Log in to their website and download a .csv or .qbo file. These are the supported file format which contains all your transactions in a given period. Then, go back to your QBO account. From the Banking tab, select the Upload transactions or File upload on the Update button. Once done, we can now match and categorise them so you can reconcile your account.


Keep on posting if you need more assistance with banking. Have a wonderful day!