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CIS Suffered- Wrong Period



I just updated our CIS Suffered for the period Feb to March and its filed it as March-April, missing out the month of Feb-March altogether. Can someone please advise how I can alter this before I send my EPS in.



QuickBooks Team

CIS Suffered- Wrong Period

Hello Sigma-utiliesl, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


EPS is year to date information, so if you are missing a moth then it is not to bad as the next months will have the total for the year on it which will include the missed period. 


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CIS Suffered- Wrong Period

Thank you very much for your response, but I cant miss an period because it will affect my application if I decide to apply for gross CIS in the future- a missed period can be quite detrimental.

So it should be saying that the EPS that it is going to submit is for Month 11 but it is saying it is going to send in an EPS for Month 12. I have altered the dates and got it to show Month 11 but the EPS doesn't match up.

Also Month 12 is the last month of the year to date so if I send this in, I wont have chance to submit another one with the correct figures.


Many Thanks for your help


QuickBooks Team

CIS Suffered- Wrong Period

Thanks for getting back to us here Sigma, 


EPS' can only be submitted between the 6th - 19th of the following tax month, after this date the EPS for the following tax month would need to be submitted. 


EPS are cumulative reports, so the EPS that you submit on tax month 12 will contain all of the EPS data from tax month 1-12 for that tax year, regardless of whether you had submitted the individual EPS reports for each period. 


Please get back to us below if you have any queries. Smiley Happy