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Currency balance wrong in balance sheet

I had a US dollar bank account which is now closed and, hence, has a zero balance in real life.


In the sterling balance sheet, it shows up as c.£20,000.


Can anyone help me correct this?  

I can do a Journal Entry to take to zero but this would leave the account with a -$26,000 balance (albeit with the sterling balance sheet looking OK)






QuickBooks Pro 2010

QuickBooks Team

Currency balance wrong in balance sheet

Hello Kchancock, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


You may have made the bank inactive when there was a balance on the account? But it should have created a journal to cancel any balance out. 


Though it may be a home currency adjustment where the account shows as essentially cleared with one currency, but due to the home currency adjustment it may be showing a balance on the other currency. 


We would suggest you ring the helpline on 0808 168 9535 and they will be able to set up a screen share with you and guide you through this and look into this more for you as well.

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