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Adrian Spinks
Level 2

How do I record an end of year sales adjustment?

last year my accountant adjusted my 2018-19 sales figure. He moved some of the sales made in the 2019-20 forward as they were meant to have been made in 2018-19. Now I need to make some sort of journal entry to record this as my sales figure on QBs does not match with my submission to HMRC. 


Any help, greatly appreciated, Adrian.

QuickBooks Team

How do I record an end of year sales adjustment?

Hi Adrian,


Thanks for your post, unfortunately, this one falls a little outside our scope and into the realm of accountancy advice, though we do have a guide here which covers how to prepare for your tax year-end which may be handy. We'd recommend getting in contact with a bookkeeper/accountant who can help with this, or welcome any advice from professionals below. 🙂

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