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Work in progress / project balances

We use 'projects' for recording costs and expenses for individual jobs and then invoice from the project summary report but I can't find a report that lists all unbilled costs as at a certain date for calculating year end work in progress? I've started exporting project reports to Excel and adding the costs to the year end date but this is going to be very time consuming as we have hundreds of projects (closed and open) that had not been invoiced at the year end.


QuickBooks Team

Work in progress / project balances

Running the report you need is my top priority, Sam. 


I'd be glad to share some information with your concern about QuickBooks Online report.


A single project summary report isn't available in QuickBooks Online. As an alternative, you can pull up two separate reports that include the information that you need. Then, combine them into a single report in MS Excel and have it modified.


To get more information about QuickBooks Online's report, check this out:Customize your reports in QuickBooks Online


I'll also be adding this article as future reference: Run reports in QuickBooks Online


Feel free to leave a reply below if you need more help with the balance sheet or anything about QuickBooks reports. I'm always here to help. Have a good one.

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