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Pension Re-enrolment

Do you have employees who have opted-out or ended their membership of your pension scheme? You need to run an assessment every 3 years to find out if they should re-enrol. QuickBooks can handle this process for you - we just need to know the date to assess your employees.

Selecting the assessment date

The assessment needs to take place 3 years after the ‘Staging date’ or ‘Duty start date’ (plus or minus 3 months). This period is known as the re-enrolment window.

  1. Go to Company Settings
  2. Select Payroll then Re-enrolment date.
  3. Enter the assessment date

For example, if the staging/duty start date is 1 October 2015, the re-enrolment window will run from 1 July 2018 – 31 December 2018. You can choose any date that falls in the given period to assess employees who have opted-out or ceased membership.

There is an option to disable re-enrolment. Select Do you want to re-enrol your employees automatically option.

Assessing your employees

During the payroll run assessment, eligible employees will be re-enrolled into the pension scheme. Employees who aren’t eligible won’t be assessed again until the next re-enrolment window in 3 years' time (plus or minus 3 months).

More important information

  • You won’t have the option to use postponement during re-enrolment, but you do have the option of changing employee contributions from the default levels. You can do this when running payroll.
  • Employees still have the right to opt-out or end their membership of your pension scheme using the usual process, after re-enrolment.
  • When payroll has run you’ll be reminded to complete your re-declaration of compliance with The Pension Regulator. If you don’t complete it you could face fines and penalties.

For full details about your re-enrolment duties, including writing to your employees and completing your declaration of re-enrolment, visit The Pension Regulator website.

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