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Update user account information

Learn how to update account information from the Account Manager. 

If you need to review activity on your account or update information, such as user profile, security settings, or third party applications and connections, you easily can. The Account Manager lets you view and update settings and information across all of the products you use.

View or update information

To access and update the account settings, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in
  2. Select Settings ⚙️ then Intuit Account.
  3. Review the settings in the Sign in and Security, Personal info, and Apps sections.
  4. Select the Add link in any field to add new information.
  5. Select Edit to change the setting in any field.

Review all activity

You can select View in the Account Activity field in the Sign in and Security panel to review all login activity for your account. This list can help you to detect suspicious activity on your account.

The list shows the product accessed, the type of device used to access it, and the type of activity (for example, Signed in).

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