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Steps to get paid using PayPal and QuickBooks

To get paid using PayPal and QuickBooks

  1. Sign up for a PayPal business account.
  2. Create a unique PayPal link using the steps below.In the link below, replace:
    • EMAIL_ADDRESS with the email you used to sign up for a PayPal business account
    • INVOICE_AMOUNT with the total amount on the invoice you’re sending to your customer. Please do not include the currency symbol (£) with the amount.

    Link: PayPal Login box


    To charge a customer £120.50 using PayPal see here

    Note: You may need to encode your email address for the link to work. For example, the encoded version of would be A search for “url encoding” will yield a number of resources you can use to encode your email address. Then, just copy and paste the encoded email into your PayPal link.

  3. To include your PayPal link in a QuickBooks invoice, simply copy and paste your link into the “Body” section on the “Send email” screen (see screenshot below) before you send off the invoice.  Please make sure the amount in the link matches the invoice total amount.User-added image
  4. Your customers can click the PayPal link in their invoice email to submit payment to you.

That’s it!  We will alert you when payments are automated in QuickBooks so you can easily transition from the manual steps above to a more seamless process.

Note: PayPal transactions will not automatically show up in QuickBooks.

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