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A new invoice keeps deducting a previous payment


A new invoice keeps deducting a previous payment

Hi, @arharchitectural.


There are some possible reasons why the previous payment of your customer keeps deducting to the new invoice created in QuickBooks Online. 


  • Have open credits
  • Have Unapplied payment or overpayment
  • The automation feature is turned on. 


To check if there's credit created in QBO, please go to the customer's transactions and locate the credit. See the sample picture below for your reference: 




Once done, let's turn off the automation feature by going to the Gear icon. So moving forward, the payment will not automatically deduct from the new invoices. 


Here's how: 


  1. In the Gear icon, choose the Account and settings button.
  2. Select the Advanced tab, then click the Pencil icon perpendicular to Automation
  3. Turn off, then hit Save
  4. Tap Done



Once turn off, you can pay the transaction by selecting Received Payments in the +New button. Then, deposit it to the appropriate account. For more information about the process, check out these articles: 



You can always run any customer's report to review all the transactions, then customise it to show the specific details. 



Also, saving the customization report is helpful too. It will help you save time since it automatically updates every time there are newly added transactions.



Additionally, I've added an article about personalizing sales forms in QBO. This way, you can import any template that you can use for your invoices, estimates, and others. 



Let me know if you have other queries. I'm always here on your back, ready to help. Keep safe!

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