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"Barclaycard Us Web" transaction but don't have any Barclay account

I opened a Chase account on Jun 2019. My statements start in June obviously.

When I filter my chase account to show only my Chase transactions, for last year. I see this:

5/08/19     Barclaycard Us Web     -$90

4/08/19     Barclaycard Us Web     -$90

3/08/19     Barclaycard Us Web     -$90

2/08/19     Barclaycard Us Web     -$90

1/08/19     Barclaycard Us Web     -$90

I don't understand these transactions and don't know why it shows up in my account even though I didn't even have an account before May. I've also never had an account with Barclays. Any ideas?

QuickBooks Team

"Barclaycard Us Web" transaction but don't have any Barclay account

Hi there, @fmemar.


Thanks for visiting the community. I understand your confusion about where the transactions coming from. I've checked our records and don't see any related cases such as this. 


At this point, I'd recommend contacting your bank to verify these transactions. If this issue is something to do from your bank's end, I'd suggest you exclude these transactions in your QuickBooks Self-Employed account. Here's how: 


  1. Double-click to open the transaction from the Transaction page.
  2. Check Exclude on.
  3. Click Save


If your bank couldn't find these transactions in their end, I'd suggest you contact our QuickBooks Self-Employed Support team. They have the additional resources that can pull up your account to help you check about what's going on. They can also create a case to open an investigation if it isn't resolved. 


For future reference, refer to this help article: Exclude or delete transactions. It also includes steps for both web and mobile app about deleting unimportant transactions. 


I'm just a post away if you need assistance. Feel free to visit again.

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