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Customers cannot view invoices

Invoice Temporarily unavailable
QuickBooks Team

Customers cannot view invoices

Hi there, gazz-lay-hotmail.


I can see that we have an open investigation about customers who are unable to view or open invoices on iOS devices. Our engineers are already working on a permanent resolution to adress the issue. 


I would also recommend reaching out to our phone or email support team for them to add you to the list of affected users. Here's how:


  1. Click the Help menu in the upper-right hand corner of your QBO account.
  2. Type in "Talk to a human" in the chatbox, then press Enter.
  3. Select Get help from a human.
  4. Click Chat with us or Have us call you


In the meantime, let your customers open the invoices using a web browser.


Just in case they're already using a browser, advise them to use a different one or open the transaction in an incognito browsing session. This is to test if there are issues in the browser that they're using.


Don't hesitate to ask more questions if ever you need more help with QuickBooks. We'll make sure everything is sorted out. 

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Customers cannot view invoices

I'm both a Quickbooks user and a Quickbooks "customer".  I have two outstanding invoices from two different companies I'm trying to view, and I just get a "we couldn't load the invoice" message and it tells me to try again later. This has been going on for at least two days.  Very frustrating.

Level 1

Customers cannot view invoices

I am also experiencing this exact same issue.  Has anyone found the solution?



QuickBooks Team

Customers cannot view invoices

You've got me here to assist you with your invoice concern, @TroyWolbrink. I'm happy to take a look and help get it taken care of.


The invoice prompts payment. This helps in organizing and tracking which customers owe you. Thus, it is important to be viewed.


To start, I'd suggest letting your customers log in to their account using an incognito browser. This way, we can check if it's a browser issue.


You can also recommend to let them clear their browser's cache and cookies. This will boost the device's performance.


I'm adding this resource about system requirements. This will help your customers figure out which computer and browser they need to get the best QuickBooks experience.


If this works, you'll want to proceed with recording the invoice payments from your customers. For more detailed steps on how to receive and record them, kindly refer to this link.


I'm only a post away if you need more help in managing your invoice. It's always my pleasure to help you out.

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