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Make Payments - bulk select invoice does not show credit notes



There appears to have been a recent update done to Quickbooks online which has changed the way that make payments work.


In the Supplier ledger under NEW TRANSACTION, the 'Make Payment' option has been replaced by 'Pay Down Credit Card' which doesn't make sense as 99% of the supplier transactions will not be a company credit card.


The easiest way to ensure accuracy of allocating payments and credit notes (especially when there is a large volume) is to go into the supplier ledger and select 'Make Payment' and then either bulk select overdue invoices or type in the amount to pay in the amount field. 


This then automatically populates the invoices being paid down the left hand side rather than having to individually select each invoice to pay.


After you have done this, then you can select the credit notes on the 'Add Bill to Payment' window that opens on the right hand side of the screen.


However, since the update, the credit notes no longer appear in this area and there is no way to find them.


This means that when you go into the make payment function you have to allow the system to automatically apply the credit notes (by leaving the amount payable as 0), un-tick the ones that you don't want to allocate, then individually tick everything else that you want to pay. Once you have ticked all invoices you then update the amount payable and check that the amounts match at the bottom of the screen (ie you haven't accidentally created a credit note).


When we have up to 100 invoices per payment, this will cause a significant increase in time when do




Make Payments - bulk select invoice does not show credit notes

It's great to have you back in the Community space, @Carly.


I appreciate you letting us know and providing the detailed steps you take when making a payment to your supplier. Yes, you'll need to go through each supplier when making a payment to ensure you allocate these correctly. 


Also, you'll need to turn off the automation for your credit notes if you don't want to apply these automatically. This way, you can manually apply the credit when making a payment to your bill. 


Let me show you how to undo the automation:


  1. Go to the Gear Icon and select Account and Settings.
  2. Click the Advanced tab on the left-side panel.
  3. Then tap the Pencil Icon for the Automation section.
  4. Be sure to uncheck the Automatically apply credits box.
  5. Click Save and Done.


Once you're done, you can now select the credit note on the Add Bill to Payment window. 


Should you have any additional questions or concerns, the Community will have you covered. Thanks for reaching out, best wishes.

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Make Payments - bulk select invoice does not show credit notes

Hi there,


Thank you for your reply.


We are already set as switched off - but there is a bug now where the add bill to payment isn't showing the credit notes and this is what we need looking at please.


Thank you,


QuickBooks Team

Make Payments - bulk select invoice does not show credit notes

Hello Carly, 


On the bill payment page if you untick them all it will go to the side and then add them in again it show show both the bill and credit note. I think the reason why it is not pulling the credit notes though is there is no much information therefore it is not bringing them all though, so by unticking them all and then re adding them this should solve the issue for you. 


Any issues let us know