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Bill Payment Date

I need to know the date a bill is paid.  Sometimes there is a bill payment shown for a bill but not always.  The bill says paid in full but I have now idea when it was paid.  How do I know what date it was actually paid?  I have even done a search for that amount and it only shows the PO and the bill.  

QuickBooks Team

Re: Bill Payment Date

I've got some steps where we can find the bill payments linked to a bill, Allied3.


Let's make sure that the transactions are filtered to show all by following these steps:

  1. Click Supplier located at the top, select Supplier Centre.
  2. Select the supplier's name, and choose All Transactions from the Show drop-down menu.

This will display all the transactions, including bill payments.


You can also open the bill, and then click the Transaction tab on the left panel. You will see the bill payment that is linked under the Related Transactions section.


I've got a sample screenshot here for reference: 



If you have additional questions or other concerns, I'll be around to help you some more. Thanks.