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Efficiency Boilers
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My Net profit is higher than what’s in my bank. I’m so confuse do

Hi guys. 

im a real rookie at quickbooks but I started doing all of my estimates on the quickbooks, when a customer is happy to go ahead after taking a deposit I move the estimate to invoice. 

ive reconciled the bank account etc, but my net profit shows extremely higher than what’s in my account - actually in a few months into business we are at a loss, but the net profit shows 30k profit. 

im really confused, have I missed something. Please help! 

QuickBooks Team

My Net profit is higher than what’s in my bank. I’m so confuse do

I'm here to assist you in reconciliation, Efficiency Boilers.


It's possible that you've added the downloaded transactions instead of matching them to the existing ones. This will result to duplicate transactions and can cause bank discrepancies. We can go back to your banking page so we can review it to make sure that we've matched them.


Let's undo them first:

  1. From Banking, select the Reviewed tab.
  2. Locate the transaction and select Undo under the Action column.
  3. Go back to the For Review tab. Click on the transaction and select Find match.
  4. On the Match transactions window, locate and check the match/similar transaction you created in QuickBooks.
  5. Hit Save.

I have an article here for your reference: Add and match downloaded bank transactions. Also, here's the link on how to reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online. Additionally, here's the article on how to fix issues when you're reconciling accounts.


Please reply below if you have more questions. I'll be here to help you.

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