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Sales receipts not importing

My client has been importing sales receipts for the last 8 months.

Today, QuickBooks Online brings the following information;

Something's not quite right

We can't import some of your sales receipts. Fix the errors below and give it another go.

Item (Product) invalid

These products/services don't exist in QuickBooks. Go back to your CSV file and match the name with a QuickBooks product/service, or enable 'Add new products/services' for step 1.

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I have imported the same in another company file and it is accepting. UK support has failed to solve the issue for the past 3 hours.


Any ideas?



QuickBooks Team

Sales receipts not importing

Hello Tim_448, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


When you say you have imported the same into another company file, are you meaning the sale receipt or the same as in the products/services that are on the receipt are not in Quickbooks but it still allowed you to import it in? Could you just clarify that part for us thanks? 


In regards to what it is telling you to do have you put them product /services in and then reuploaded the sales receipt and did it accept it and go through? 



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