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Stripe Transactions


Can anybody help me please, I have spent so much time with Quick books Online representatives about this and I still cannot find the correct way to deal with this.  I have a totally online business so customers pay at time of ordering either via PayPal of Stripe. The problem I have is Customer A has paid £19.99 for her invoice via stripe with a 0.49 pence fee deducted which I can do usually on Quick books Online with no problem.  This was the only transaction on that day via Stripe. Later on this day a refund was given to a Customer B of £29.99 as an item in her order was defective.  This made Stripe have to take the £10.49 from my business bank account to cover the difference for the refund.  Customer B has a refund receipt issued for £29.99 in her account.  I just cannot find a way to pay Customer A invoice and the Stripe Fee and pay the refund back with the debit of £10.49 in my account!  Could somebody please help me in lay mans terms how to complete this on Quick books Online?



QuickBooks Team

Stripe Transactions

Hi Kerry,  Just to be clear. setting aside the 49p for customer A for the moment is it the case that with customer B you refunded the full 29.99 from your bank and you have an additional fee of 10.00 to record?

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Stripe Transactions

Hi Emma,


Thank you for your reply, I need to know how to record how Customer A has paid there Invoice of £19.99 less the Stripe fee of 0.49p so I have been sent payment of £19.50 by Stripe but taken from that is £29.99 refund so they had to debit the balance of £10.49 from my business bank account to do this.  How do I pay Customer A invoice off with the fee deducted and pay the refund of £29.99 all with a debit of £10.49 I cannot seem to do it



Stripe Transactions

I’m here to help you settle these transactions, @kerry27.

Thanks for getting back to us. Let me provide information so you can continue to run the business.

You’ll want to create a check transaction in QuickBooks Online. Doing this will clear the payment, fees, and refund amount. Here’s how:


  1. Select the create button (+New).
  2. Choose Check under Vendors.
  3. Select and enter the necessary details.
  4. Under the Category details and the Amount column, you can enter the following:
    • Refund amount- 29.99
    • Income account- -19.99
    • Stripe fee account- 0.49
  5. Click Save and close.


Then you can match this entry to your bank transactions. You can use this article for reference in matching and categorizing downloaded events in QBO.

I have included a report article and its feature here. This way, you can keep track of your entries by making sure details are all accurate. You can also customize them to focus on the specific information you need.

Don't hold back to drop a comment below if you have payroll questions. It's my pleasure to be of great help. Take care!

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Stripe Transactions

Hi MadelynC,


Thank you for your answer yesterday regarding Stripe payments.  I would love to give this a go but as being in the UK i don't really know what to go into I realise Vendors are Customers but I do not know what you mean by going into the Check option under the New tab.  If you could help me with this that would be great.


Thank you



QuickBooks Team

Stripe Transactions

Nice to have you back, @kerry27.


I'll be happy to help and provide some clarifications.


As my peer MadelynC shared above, you can create a cheque transaction to clear the payment, refund, and fees. Here's how:


  1. Go to the + New menu.
  2. Select Cheque under Suppliers1.JPG
  3. From the Category section, enter the following details shared by my peer above.
  4. Fill in the needed details, then click Save and close when done.


Once done, you can match the entry to your stripe transactions. In case you’re ready to reconcile your accounts in QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can refer this article for the complete guidance: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


In case you have any other clarifications, you can always tag me in your reply. I’m only a post away from you. Have a good one and keep safe.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Stripe Transactions


Explore this app to find any idea how to reconcile Stripe transactions into your QBO account.


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