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VAT return process interrupted

Hi Guys,

In the process of filing VAT last month, there was power interruption and desktop went off.

When quick books was restarted, the VAT summary for the period was still populated with correct figures as shown below (first picture)


Upon clicking File VAT Return tab it brings the File VAT screen and its okay (see 2nd Picture)


But you click on File Return an error message comes up reporting that A VAT return exits for that period. Checking on prior period VAT return report, only the exception report exists (see attached) and VAT Summary and detailed reports are not available. No entries have been to the VAT Control account nor to the Tax Agency payable account.


We have run data verification and rebuild under utilities to no avail.

Kindly HELP!

Mar 19 VAT.PNG File VAT Mar 19.PNG Warning VAT Mar 19.PNG