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I have already entered all purchases as well as sales,but at the TAX it shows the VAT on sales only.It doesn't show the purchases VAT amount in what can i do for that.........?

QuickBooks Team


There are two possible reasons for this, everon.


It could be that the dates of your purchases are outside your tax period (01-04-2019 - 30-06-2019).



Another reason is if they are entered as bills (unpaid) and your VAT Accounting Scheme is set to Cash. In this scenario, the VAT on the purchases are only recognised when the bills are paid within the tax period.



You can always go back to this thread if you need more questions with your VAT report.

Level 1


How to Change the TAX Period....?



Hi @everon,


In QuickBooks Online UK, the VAT return period will follow the sequence of the first VAT period that you have marked as filed. Example you file only the month of April (Monthly), then you changed the Filing Frequency to quarterly, this will give you the month of May – July as the next period.


If you wish to start with different month so you can have the correct filing periods to be followed. You may need to contact our live support to request for the Filed periods to be unfiled/undone. 


This way you can start over from scratch in the VAT return and select what date you wish QuickBooks to start.


To contact our live support you can go to Help and click on Contact Us button.