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In Case You Missed It: Everyday I'm Hustlin'


If you work for yourself, you know how easy it is for time to get away from you. Last week we brought you a pair of stories featuring hardworking entrepreneurs who understand exactly how hard it is to stay on top of everything, yet somehow manage to inspire others to keep hustling, each and every day. We also revisited a pretty fantastic conversation around how we continue to grow and challenge ourselves. Here are the highlights, just in case you missed it.


BACKING YOU: Gregg Miele Built His Gym with Real Heart – and Non-Stop Hustle

"My business partner, Kevin Lilly, is a Philly guy. He and I share a strong work ethic and a belief in sweat equity. We’ve invested every penny of our own 401K money to make Heart & Hustle thrive. I think our clients recognize how much we’ve put our heart, and our hustle, into the business." 


Julie Ball of Sparkle Hustle Grow Sends Women Entrepreneurs Pretty Inspiration

"We will continue to grow past the 1000-subscriber mark and seek out higher and higher levels of experts to do our trainings. Also, now that I have this specific skill set I can share, I’ve fallen into this coaching role. I have women coming to me who want to start a subscription box business, and they’re asking, 'How do I begin?'” ~@mrsjulieball


Member Question: How do you self-educate? (@MariaHarmon)

"Once upon a time I wrote a business plan for a restaurant. I had no idea how to start, so I went to the book store and picked up a couple books on 'Writing a Business Plan' and read them. Because I learn best through doing, I started to put my plan together as thoroughly as I could...." ~@SarahGonzales


"I learn from doing so when I want to dive in, I just have to dive in. I also learn from watching so I will ask someone who knows how to do something if I can shadow them. And I love to learn by listening to other people's stories...." ~@LeslieBarber


"Libraries...have so much to offer, and many people don't realize the resources, events and tools there. Just go in and and ask them about all the adult programs they offer, and you'll be blown away...." ~@Kate_Lynch


"In my industry I become a part of professional associations - as regulations and rules change frequently and in order to be efficient and effective I MUST keep up with the Joneses...." ~@Anonymous


"There is nothing like just 'getting stuck in' and doing something. You always learn – even if you get it wrong, your learn from your mistakes...." ~@CoherentCreativ



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