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Meet Your QB Community Team!

Meet Your QB Community Team.png

As members of the QuickBooks Community Team, we are all super excited to get to know you and learn about your business, your dreams and your goals. We're here to support you as you travel along your small business and self-employed journey. If you have feedback, questions, or concerns we want to hear about it - please feel free to reach out!



QB Community Team Members


Leslie Barber - Community Leader



I love waking up every day to help small business owners move their businesses forward. As co-founder of NutraBella (the maker of Bellybar prenatal vitamins), I’ve lived the entrepreneurial adventure. I’ve gone through all of the ups and downs of running my own small business – and I’ve survived to tell the story! Being a part of OWN IT was one of my greatest professional experiences, and I’m so excited to continue the fun here in QB Community.


I live in Portland, OR with my 9-year-old daughter, a rising entrepreneur in her own right. I love traveling to Hawaii, practicing restorative yoga and playing with my new puppy, Angel. I earned my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management but take the most pride in my years learning on the job as an entrepreneur. 



Shana Niederman - Community Manager



For nearly 20 years, I’ve run my own content production and media contracting business. I've freelanced for public radio and produced a variety of podcasts. I've launched youth media-training programs and taught at university. I've also worked in politics and the tech sector. 


I live in Portland, OR, with my two elementary-aged sons and husband. We enjoy traveling and spending time together in the great outdoors. I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing team and a member of the QB Community. Let's all learn, share and grow together here!

James Ong - Community Product Host



My name is James Ong. I am an author and avid enthusiast of life. My journey has been circuitous and exciting. I began my career teaching in Gifu, Japan. After attending graduate school for history and cultural studies, I journeyed into the tech industry as a community manager, first in startups and now at Intuit as a community host for QuickBooks.

I continue to write for my blogs and creative pieces in my free time. Paper media will never die! I also started a budding photography hobby. On the side, I’ve always found myself drawn back to the coffee world and worked for many brands over the years. I am passionate about working with people and improve their lives through creative knowledge.


Emily Cowan - Community Business Host



I'm a web writer and social media specialist with more than 20 years in online publishing - a good chunk of which has been spent writing about business, entrepreneurship, and the scrappy innovators who took a chance and totally went for it. I've also been a small-business owner, publishing a popular local website geared toward kids and families (I'm a mom of two myself).


I've interviewed green-business groundbreakers, Etsy entrepreneurs, Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, and a gal who opened her own Pilates studio after a collision with an 18-wheeler injured her back. I love stories about people who have found a way to play to their strengths and maybe uncover a few new ones in an effort to make a contribution and a difference.


As Host for QB Community, I look forward to hearing all about your struggles and successes. See you online!


Julie Gordon White - Momentum to $1 Million Group Host



I am an award-winning entrepreneur, business coach, and bestselling author dedicated to helping small business owners reach new levels of success. In 2012 I founded The WELL, a coaching and training business for female entrepreneurs, which aims to help business owners build companies that are someday irresistible to potential buyers.


I hope you’ll join my Momentum to $1 Million group right here in QB Community. The group is open to all Community members who have the desire to grow their business to the one-million dollar mark. Come for the support and stay for the excellent (and free!) business coaching you’ll receive!


Willow Older - Content Leader



I’m a nationally and internationally published writer and a professional editor. I live in Northern California with my hubby and two teenage boys, plus a big black dog and a crazy orange cat. I've worked for myself for most of my career, and I love running my own editorial services business. When I'm not interviewing entrepreneurs and writing about all-things small businesses, I love playing with paint in my studio. 


As a QB Community Content Leader, I'm excited to connect with and learn from all the inspiring members of this community!


Sarah Gonzales - Content Creator




I am a longtime writer, broadcast producer and web designer. For the last 20 years I’ve written, edited, published and produced many forms of media for magazines, newspapers, broadcast TV, the internet and for radio.


I’ve always loved collaborating with and supporting creative folks who have great ideas. I co-created a non-profit media production company that helps independent media makers get their projects made – including my own, an award-winning radio show. I’ve worked in magazine publishing at Ms. and Variety, as a field producer with the BBC and other production companies in both California and Alaska, and as a books editor for various clients. I also published a few short stories in my younger years that are only a little embarrassing to read now. 


My degree is in English Literature with a focus on Chicano Studies from UC Berkeley. Now I live near Seattle with my husband, two small children and one big dog. I’m excited to be part of the QuickBooks Community team and to help other small-business owners be the best they can be!

Frequent Explorer **

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

I need support - I want to ask the community a question but I'm finding that to be impossible - I don't see any links pages buttons , etc. to do so.

What am I missing? When I try to sign up for the community the links just take me to the community home page opr to page to but productd.

PS when I pose the question on the community site "how do I post a a question to the community" I get results about posting transaction etc. in QB. worthless.

Community Contributor *

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

I am trying to "start a new discussion" to the Quick Books community pages.  Upon clicking on the "post" soft key, I receive the error:


"Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes."


There is nothing "highlighted" for correction(s) though I tried making changes the new topic willnot post and continues to give the above error.  I also see no reference to contact someone with problems posting to the Quick Books Community forum.

Experienced Member

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

Yes, me too.  How do I post a question?

I see you haven't gotten a response in 3 weeks.  

I hope this isn't the norm.  

Super Explorer ***

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

Same.  How do you post a question?  I've successfully done it before, but something has changed and the menu path to get there is missing.

Super Explorer ***

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

Same.  Its called "start a discussion" but I think something is wrong, because I can't find this button anymore.  I just posted this to one of the team members.  I'll wait for an answer.  Where's the button?


Super Explorer ***

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

I found it.  Its pretty buried.  Not sure why they changed the whole thing to make it more difficult. Go to the Quickbooks community home page.  Click Quickbooks Q&As, scroll down to other questions.  Click that box and a green rectangle button will be on the upper right side of the screen that says "Start a Topic" 

Super Explorer ***

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

Think I found a solution. Its pretty buried.  Go to the Quickbooks community home page.  Click Quickbooks Q&As, scroll down to other questions.  Click that box and a green rectangle button will be on the upper right side of the screen that says "Start a Topic"  

Frequent Explorer **

Re: Meet Your QB Community Team!

Yes- that works. Yes it is a little buried. I think it would be helpful If it were more clearly marked.


I was able to find it previously and ask my question. I got it resolved with the help of a couple of members. Thank you.