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Private messages

I wrote a few messages the other day and the responses appear in my inbox. However, all I can do is read them in the inbox as they appear. I cannot look at each message separately. Furthermore, I see no tab allowing me to respond to the message. I do see I can write a new message and direct it where I want. In that case there is no thread, and the person receving the message may not look to see their original one and then something might be lost. Am I missing an option to reply to a message keeping it in a thread, or is each message deemed to be "one and done"?


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Re: Private messages

Hi @cpajoe

If you click on the subject of the message, it should open up for you to read the full message and also hit reply. You can also see your "sent messages," members you have friended and members who have friended you. 



Re: Private messages

I had trouble with this too.  You have to click the subject line to expand the message. Then at the bottom of the page, you will see " reply".  I had trouble seeing it on my phone.  Screen was too small.

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