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Sales Order/Invoice Forms

Can anyone tell me how to "lock" the width of the item number field in the sales order or invoice templates? I have items that are close to 20+ characters and it appears to only print the first 12-14 characters. I've tried widening the column in the layout designer and it appears to stay, but as soon as I go to the next sales order it goes back to the default 12-14 character width.  Both orders are using the same template and that is where the change was made.  Is there a way to made that field a "wrap-text" field so it will wrap to the next line? Our item description field text-wraps, can I get the item number field to do the same?

Super Explorer *

Re: Sales Order/Invoice Forms

Hi, Are you using Desktop or the Online version of Quickbooks?

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Re: Sales Order/Invoice Forms

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