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"Access Denied" every link???

The hyperlinks for every subsection lead to a message of  "Access Denied".
QuickBooks Team

Re: "Access Denied" every link???

Thanks for being part of the QuickBooks family, ARSfirm.

I appreciate you for sharing this information. Let me clarify why you see the Access Denied error.

The links in the article are archived. We’ve already updated them, and you can view the content through here: Convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

Please know your voice is important to us since this can help identify what we need to improve in the Community space.

The new article I provided should guide you on the conversion process.

Reach out to me if you have any follow-up questions or concerns about QuickBooks. I’ll be more than happy to assist further. Wishing you the best.


Level 1

Re: "Access Denied" every link???

This article link still takes us to an Access Denied site - what is going on? Thanks.


Re: "Access Denied" every link???

Hello lucindalintz,


Our Article Management Team always ensures that the steps on the references coincide with the actual interface of QuickBooks. 


Here's the updated link when converting your QuickBooks Desktop data to Online:


Before doing the steps on the said article, you might want to review what data is or isn't converted: What Data Doesn't Convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?.


Let me know if you still have problems accessing these articles. I'll be right here.

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