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banking purchases move to credit

I messed up in Jan thru Feb 11 on recording credit card purchases.  They ended up under credit cards but in banking instead of credit cards  I am unable to transfer them to credit cards as only banking shows up in move to column.  I have already paid QuickBooks over $400 to help me resolve this but no help in this area.  

The only remedy I see is to go to credit card icon and reenter all the information then void the transaction in the banking list.

QuickBooks Team

Re: banking purchases move to credit

Let's get this sorted out, Seeme.


Did you import a file for the credit card purchases in the banking section? If so, you can ignore the transactions and re-import them to the correct account. 


You can follow these steps to download the WebConnect files: 

  1. Go to File located at the top.
  2. Choose Utilities and select Import.
  3. Click Web Connect Files, and select the QBO file you saved.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select the account where you want to post the credit card purchases.
  6. Click Continue and then click OK when you get a dialogue box that the data has been imported successfully.

Here's also an article for reference: Import web connect (.qbo) files.


Once done, go back to the Bank Feeds Center and review your transactions and match them. I've got this article on how to add and match Bank Feed transactions.


If there's anything else you need help with Banking in QuickBooks, please let us know. Thanks.

Established Member

Re: banking purchases move to credit

I did not get very far in the steps recommend to solve my problems.  That was because it is not a import from the web.  It is only in my chart of accounts.  I thought maybe changing the Credit card file that is messed up back to credit card in stead of bank might work but all it has done is lock up a transaction when I try to exit.

What I am trying to do is take the Credit card file that was posted under banking instead of "credit card" and move the remaining items to the correct credit card account and not have to do it one by one.  I could do this is there was the credit card option available in the Type area and then take each one from banking to credit card but credit card option is not there.

So right now what I am doing is taking the credit card transaction 1 item at a time and punting it in the correct account and then deleting the one in the wrong account.  Just a lot of extra work.


Re: banking purchases move to credit

Hi, Seeme.

I'm here to lend a helping hand in moving your transactions to the correct credit card account. Let's get things sorted out.


I could definitely see how you would want to have the option to change the transaction type and moved to the correct credit card account. However, this option isn't currently offered in QuickBooks Desktop, so it has to be done manually.


I’ll speak with our engineering team about the changing option and will let you know whenever we have it available for our users. Additionally, I'd encourage to visit the What's New section on your QuickBooks Desktop, to be updated with our latest news and updates including product improvements.




You may find this article helpful in the future: Get started with Bank Feeds for QuickBooks Desktop.


For additional help, you can also reach out to our QuickBooks Desktop Support.


  1. Within your QuickBooks Desktop, click Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Click Contact us.
  3. To route you to the correct support expert, we need to know what type of question you have. Give a brief description of your issue and click Continue.
  4. We’ll provide you a few options. You choose which one is best for you

Keep me posted if you have any other credit card transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. Have a great day.