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Bills Not Posting to AP Account

As of sometime last month, I have been having an issue with bills/invoices being posted to the "Accrued Accounts Payable" account and not the "Account Payable" account. This account is setup as a sub account to the "Accounts Payable" account and is only used for month-end journal entries for accruals. Historically (over the past 2 years) all bills have defaulted to being posted to the Accounts Payable account. I am not sure why they started posting to this account just in the last month. I called QB and the rep was not able to help with this issue. Has anyone had this issue with bill postings? Is there a way to change the default posting account for bills that are entered? I am up to hearing any and all suggestions.

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Bills Not Posting to AP Account

You are correct, VHerd31. When creating bills, QuickBooks Online always uses the Accounts Payable as the default account.


The are two possible reasons I can think of why is this happening. It could be that:

  • the default Accounts Payable has been merged to the other Accounts Payable account.
  • the vendor profiles are damaged.

Before we can correct the data, let's double-check how the accounts are set up.

  1. Select Accounting on the left menu and go to Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. Look for the default Accounts Payable account. 
  3. Ensure that it is still the parent account and have the sub-Accounts Payable account associated to it.

Once we've verified that everything is set up correctly, the first reason I've mentioned is no longer valid. From there, we can move on to the second reason. Damaged vendor profiles can occur if the connection between your QuickBooks Online account and the servers is interrupted.


The only troubleshooting I can think of that fits the scenario is to merge vendor profiles. Here's what we can do:


Edit the existing vendor profiles 

  1. Click Expenses on the left menu and go to the Vendors tab.
  2. Select a vendor profile and click Edit.
  3. Update the Display name as field. For example:
    From Vendor to Vendor Old/Damaged. You can set your own identification of the profiles.
  4. Click Save.

Create another vendor profiles

  1. From the Vendors page, click the New vendor button.
  2. Enter the vendor details and the correct Display name as.
  3. Click Save.

Merge the old vendor profile to the new one

  1. From the Vendors page, copy name of the new vendor profile.
  2. Select the old/damaged vendor profile and click Edit.
  3. Enter the new vendor name in the Display name as field.
  4. Click Save and it will prompt you that the name already being used.
  5. The prompt message will ask you to merge the profiles. You can select Yes to confirm the action.

You can use this link for reference: How to merge accounts, customers, and vendors.


This process will help you refresh the vendor profiles and ensure that it will now use the default Accounts Payable.


You can always get back to us for any updates of the situation. Additional details about the vendor profiles and related to it would be much appreciated. Have a great day!

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