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Yuliua Shymanska
Level 1

Cost of Goods Sold



Tell me please, how can I enter the expenses of the cost of goods that are already in stock?

For example, the product was purchased from a supplier, Bill paid for a certain amount of goods. Bill is entered and in the accounting of products, quantity and the cost price for unit is already displayed. But further, we paid for the delivery of this product, which also needs to be included in its cost price. Can I add directly delivery costs to the cost of a specific product in stock (not to the cost of all goods as a whole through the article cost of sales)?

Level 15

Cost of Goods Sold

You are asking about landed cost, and to do landed cost in QB requires a work around


1. Pay the shipping/customs bill or enter the bill and use that clearing expense account as the expense for the transaction

2. Edit the original bill as follows:
2a. increase the total amount for each item by a portion of the new bill
2b. change to the account portion of the bill at the top, select the clearing expense account, enter the amount of the bill as a negative number
2c. save the edited bill and click though any warning you may get about payments being applied.
2d. Insure the clearing expense account is zero balance, if not go back and adjust the item totals.

QB will use the edited bill to update the purchase cost. If any of the items were sold between the original bill and the additional bills, QB will automatically make the adjustment to the COGS account for the change in purchase cost.

Level 4

Cost of Goods Sold

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