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creating a template that works for my business

I have an invoice in Excel, the tmplate has two field that add, one adds for the job with parts etc the other seperate field adds for the type of service like Inspection charge, pre trip charges this is a seperate field. How can I design this?

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QuickBooks Team

creating a template that works for my business

Hi, @refrigmobilerepair.


Creating a template for sales forms in Quickbooks Desktop will depend on your business needs. I'll share with you some data that you'll include in your template.


These are the following: 


  • Logo 
  • Company information
  • Customer's data
  • Transaction information
  • Message to your clients.


See the sample template below for your reference: 


You can also visit this article to review the different template designs that you can download via Excel: Free Invoice Templates


Once you've done, you can now import the template in your QBDT so you can use that in your transactions. 


Here's how: 

  1. Go to the Lists menu, then select Templates.
  2. Choose the Templates ▼ dropdown, then hit Import.
  3. Select the template you've created previously, then click Open.
  4. Name the imported template and tap OK

You also have an option to utilize the several templates offered by QBDT. To check the design, please go to the Template, then hit Manage Templates to customize it. For more details, visit this article: Use and customize form templates


All of your templates appear in the Company Preferences tab of the Send forms menu. You can select a transaction type and then Set Default next to the template you want to use.



I've added articles about how to troubleshoot template concerns and how to use the template. 



Let me know if you have any queries. I'm continually here, happy to serve. 

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