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Department Summary report is showing no activity for yesterday However we had multiple transactions & end of day report showed a total Any suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team

Thank you for posting, garycampbell-cpa. I can help you w...

Thank you for posting, garycampbell-cpa.

I can help you with resolving the error you've encountered when running this Department Summary report.

To resolve this, you can use the Clean Up Company Data Utility. This will fix transaction and list damage in your company file like when pulling up a form or report that displays incorrectly. This will also help repair list damages and allow larger data file to run efficiently.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the File menu, click Utilities, and then choose Clean up Company Data.
  2. Click the box for Compress data to put a check mark.
  3. Select OK after the warning message.
  4. In the Non-history documents window and History documents and other data window, select the list you want to remove from your file then select Next.
  5. In the Proceed with Cleanup window, choose Cleanup and wait until the cleanup ran completely.
  6. If you still encounter an error, run a second clean up with compress data option checked.

You can check this article to know more about the process: Use the Clean Up Company Data utility.

That should fix it. Let me know if you are still experiencing this issue after trying those steps or if you need more help concerning the error, by leaving a comment below. I'm always glad to help in any way I can. Have a good day. 

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