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Error -6104, 50

We are running QB on three computers. One is a server and is where the QB file is stored. The other two are where we access QB. We've been using in multi-user mode for a while but are now getting error (-6104, 50) on the server. (We are also getting error H202 on our workstations.) I've searched but don't see any guidance on how to clear error -6104. We have also been unable to install the Database Server Manager on the server. How can we clear this error? Thanks in advance.


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Error -6104, 50

Hello, user10001.


There are a number of reasons why you're encountering those error codes. For example, a firewall keeps blocking the connection between the server and the workstations. Another likely reason is that there is a damaged component in QuickBooks Desktop. I'd be glad to lay down the steps to help you resolve this. 


Let's start with the basics to resolve this. A simple as updating your QuickBooks copy can help resolve those issues. Patch releases contain critical fixes and ensure the program is running smoothly. To update it: 


  1. Open the Help menu, then select Update QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Go to the Update Now tab.
  3. Check all the available critical updates.
  4. Click the Get Updates button.





You can find more details about the update process in this article: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.


Another solution is to run the QuickBooks Tool Hub utility. It can also fix common errors found in the server and the workstations. Please open this article for the full guide on how to run it.


These articles have other solutions that can help you fix the error codes:


Regarding the Database Server Manger, your firewall settings are likely blocking it from being installed. You'll want to configure them to fix this. 


After fixing the issue, you can visit our help articles if you need assistance managing your financials in QuickBooks Desktop. Take a look at the topics here


I can help you out again if ever you have other concerns with the Desktop program. Just say the word in this thread and I'll be there. 

Level 1

Error -6104, 50

Thank you for your response! We will try your suggestions. Are we doing these steps on all three computers or just the server?


Error -6104, 50

Thanks for reaching back out, user10001. As far as updating QuickBooks Desktop, this can be done on the workstations and server. Using the QuickBooks Tool Hub utility and the Database Server Manager should be done on the server to configure the settings. Please let me know if you need additional assistance. Take care!

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