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When adding users, it would be great to be able to really dial down into access rights. I want to add one of our sales reps as a user so she can login and see her customers, when they last ordered, etc. But when I go to add users my only option is LIMITED which allows her to add or delete customers, take payments, and generally have the ability to really jack things up. We should be able to add a user and then click or unclick their access rights, so that we have the exact user ability we need for that person.

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QuickBooks Team

I appreciate the insights that you've shared, @danimdecker.


I can see how beneficial it would be for you and your business to have the ability to add a user, then click or unclick their access rights. This way, you can have the exact user ability you need for that sales rep.


Know that our developers are always finding and considering new features to be added to the system and cope with our customer's needs.


I'd encourage you to visit our QuickBooks Online Blog site to be updated with our product road-maps.


Moreover, I want to share this reference that you might find interesting regarding the new feature that the QuickBooks Online Advanced version has offered. This is the option to add and manage custom roles. Please see this link for more details: Find out how to add and manage custom roles in QuickBooks Online Advanced.


I'll be right here to help if you have any other questions, @danimdecker. Keep safe!

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