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Problem with accepting an invite from the client. Can someone help me?

Received an invite from client to access their books as an accountant user through QB Online Accountant. Clicked on invite&followed instructions to create account. Once account was created, browser stalled and i had to close it. Now, when i click again on the invite, it guides me to open an account, but when i attempt it, i get a warning that this user name has been taken.  I can log into my new account, but dont see my clients books. What should i do? Thank you!


Hello there, helen. Let's get this straightened out so yo...

Hello there, helen.

Let's get this straightened out so you can see your client's account. 

Have you tried using a different browser? There are times that the browser is full of frequently-accessed page resources, thus causing some errors and/or unusual responses. 

If it doesn't work, I'd suggest working with your client to have them resend the invite.

You can refer to this article for the steps in sending the email invitation again:

If the same thing happens, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Online Customer Care. They can check why you can't see your client's books, and assist you further. 

Let me know if you have other questions about QuickBooks Online. I'd be happy to help.

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Re: Hello there, helen. Let's get this straightened out so yo...

I am experiencing the same problem here. My client sent over the invitation and upon signing into my account to accept the invite, I am receiving an error message saying "opps, something went wrong." I am not sure what's going on and have followed various QB troubleshoot instructions, but still can't seem to resolve the issues. 


Does the invitation expire after 48 hours?


Re: Hello there, helen. Let's get this straightened out so yo...

Welcome to the Community, @easybookkeeping123.


Yes, the invitation expires after 48 hours and your client needs to recreate the invite instead of re-sending it. 


If the invitation is already beyond 48 hours, you can ask your client to follow these steps on how to recreate:


  1. Sign in as a master admin or owner.
  2. On the Settings ⚙️ icon, select Manage Users.
  3. Select Accounting firms, and locate the accountant user's name.
  4. Click the small arrow ▼ icon next to Delete on the Action column.
  5. Then, select Delete from the menu that appears. If the email is listed more than once, be sure to delete the duplicates too.
  6. Select Invite and add the accountant's email address and name.
  7. Once done, click Save.


If you receive the same error message after accepting the invite, you may try this workaround:


  1. Copy/paste the URL used to accept the invitation.
  2. Change the newuser=true to newuser=false and hit enter.

For additional fixes you haven't tried out yet, you may refer to this article: Why can’t I accept an accountant invitation?


Let me know how it goes. I want to ensure you'll be able to accept your client's invitation.

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