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Help Installing on 2nd Computer (Single User License)

I currently have Quickbooks Premier 2019 (desktop) installed in my office and now due to Covid, I am home with my kids, so I need to install it on my home computer, so I could work from home since I'm sooooo behind on Quickbooks.  During installation on the 2nd computer, it didn't allow me to go past the screen where you enter the license # and product #. 


I read online, and confirmed with the user agreement, that I am able to install on 2 computers, as long as there is only one user (which is me).  How can I do this?


I don't know if it makes a difference, that I purchased this through Amazon in Feb. 2019.  It also doesn't show up Quickbooks account (


Help please!

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Help Installing on 2nd Computer (Single User License)

Open your QB at your office and hit f2 key. Make sure what the license and product code is and it should be activated. Then you have to find that code on your CAMPS. If you are unable to find the codes in your CAMPS and the license is activated, it is highly possible registered in another CAMPS with a different credential.


Help Installing on 2nd Computer (Single User License)

You have me to help you install QuickBooks on another computer, mmachado246.


Let me guide you with these steps:


  1. Go to your new PC and install QuickBooks.
  2. Once done, go back to the old one and create a backup copy of your company file.
  3. Copy the backup file to your new one using a flash drive or other external device or through a network, if they're connected.
  4. Then, restore the backup on the new PC.


I've also added this reference as your guide when moving the files: Move Your Company Files To Another Computer.


I'm just around if my assistance is in need. Have a good day!

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