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How to reconcile General Ledger and Trial Balance/Balance Sheet reports for an AP account that is out of balance?

An AP account,has a completely different balance than the Trial Balance or Balance sheet.  I ran the verify data & rebuild data functions - but this did not fix problem.  I am using cash basis and same time period - whether I used year end or today I am still out of balance.  I found two GL entries that equal the out of balance - one from 2012 and one from 2013.  How could this cause an out of balance if there is a GL entry?

The amount I am out of balance is consistent with end of Dec 2013 and today.

All other balance sheet accounts balance. Would appreciate any help!

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Hi frundcc, I’m sorry you’re having trouble comparing the...

Hi frundcc, I’m sorry you’re having trouble comparing the AP balance on these 2 reports. AP is an accrual account and does not normally show on cash reports, when a balance shows up when reports are set to cash it may be caused by a vendor credit or a bill payment where bill was not created for it. You may set the trial balance and the balance sheet to ‘all’ for the date, if the balance matches then you may have to look for certain transactions like a bill credit created in 2013 but AP accumulated or a bill was created in 2014. Here’s a link which may be an effective resource in resolving AP issues on cash basis:


Hope this helps.

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