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How to delete a customer that QB thinks has an attachment in QB Premier Desktop

Many of our customers have only estimate transactions.  We are running up against the 10500 limit on customers and are in the process of deleting many of those customers.


For some of those customers, the QB software thinks there is an attachment.  You cannot look at the attachment.   The location where that attachment would be stored is empty.  The software will not allow us to delete the customer without deleting the attachment.  The process for deleting the attachment does not work.


How do we delete this customer record?  Will making the customer inactive take it out of the count

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How to delete a customer that QB thinks has an attachment in QB Premier Desktop

What I've done in situations like this is: create a new customer called "to be Deleted". Merge the uncooperative Customer into the "to be deleted" customer (or merge all unwanted customers into "to be deleted"). When done merging, delete the Customer called "to be deleted". This works for Vendors, Items, and unused Accounts as well.

QuickBooks Team

How to delete a customer that QB thinks has an attachment in QB Premier Desktop

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @Frogfeathers.


Let me share some information about deleting a customer in QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Desktop won’t allow deleting a customer if it has an open balance. If you rarely use the name of the customer. Consider making it inactive so that it doesn’t appear on the list, but the transaction will still show up.


However, If you don't need to keep historic accounts information, you can clear old transactions from your company accounts file by deleting each transaction. Deleting a transaction removes your customer completely. 


To do that here’s how. 


  1. Go to the Lists tab then, select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click to open the account that contains the transactions you want to delete.
  3. Click to select the transaction you want to remove.
  4. Click Edit in the main menu and then click Delete.
  5. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the transaction.
  6. Repeat this procedure to delete all of the transactions. 


Once done, you can now delete the customer on the customer's list.


In QuickBooks Desktop, you can also delete batch transactions. If you wanted to know-how, you can use this article as your guide. Delete or void batch transactions.


Please know that I'm always here to help you if you have any other questions about deleting or making customers inactive in QuickBooks Desktop. Have a great day!

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