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Why? Because they can, and in the fine print you did not read in its entirety you agreed to it.  Costs of collecting money is never free and someone has to pay. If you used Square or PayPal instead of QB Payments you still would pay someone around 3.5% for credit cards and a nominal charge per ACH.


Your alternative is to bow out of payments and require all customers to direct ach from their bank to yours - all you have to do is give everyone your routing and account number.  Some banks have a separate wire transfer numbers to use.


And, other than dealing with counterfeit bills and disease or drug laden paper, cash is king. It certainly costs you nothing other than gas to deposit cash in hand to your bank.


Hi @eluxtransporter,


Great question!  Just to clarify, the fee you are charged is for the processing of your transactions through our system.  With any credit card/ACH processing company, there will be fees associated with processing transactions.  


On our payments page, you can see how our fees compare to other processors:


Intuit Payments


On that link, to the right of the Rates Per Transaction section, you will see a link that says "see how our rates compare."  That will lead you to a price comparison.


Hope that helps!



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Soooo...that's REALLY misleading. We were informed not too long ago...would love for you to pull up the conversation. We took off the CC ability and only allowed our customers to send us checks or the money via ACH which we were told was FREE! Now...all we see are charges.. frustrating. Guess we will take that option off too. 

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