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I can;t access my register

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Re: I can;t access my register

what error message did you get?


Re: I can;t access my register

There are a lot of reasons why you can't access the register page, susan40.


First, it could be that you don't have access to view this section. You can ask your Administrator to grant you an access on the register page.


Second, if you're the Administrator yet, you're having this issue, let's perform a few basic troubleshooting steps. This helps us to verify if it's an unexpected browser behavior causes this issue.


Let's access the register page in a private or incognito window. The private browser will not record any file history, this helps your page to load faster. If it works fine, you can go back to your regular browser and then clear its cache. When the cache is piled up it can cause an issue on the browser you're currently on.


Then, if the same thing happens, you can reach out to our Phone Support team so your company info will be added to the list of affected users.


Here's how:

  1. Click the ? Help icon, then click Contact us.
  2. Enter I can't access to my register page.
  3. Click Let's talk.
  4. Choose either Message an Agent or Talk to a specialist.
  5. Continue with the on-screen instructions to successfully contact them.


Don't hesitate to reply if you have other concerns.

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