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I have already paid my taxes with my accountant. How can I make it so that Quickbooks is updated?

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I have already paid my taxes with my accountant. How can I make it so that Quickbooks is updated?

Good day, wadehodgesmedia,


Let me help you go over to your taxes, and have those payments properly recorded. QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) lets you pay taxes by mail or online. 


You need to make sure the transaction is categorized as Estimated Taxes if you've settled your quarterly taxes by mail. This is to keep the system updated.


On the other hand, the payment will reflect in QBSE as pending on the Quarterly Taxes page. Once cleared from your bank, the system will automatically update it.


If you don't see the payment reflecting for the quarter, ensure the transaction is assigned to the right quarter.

  1. Go to Taxes, then Quarterly Taxes.
  2. Select the quarter you want to mark the tax payment for.
  3. Click Don't see your payment? Find your estimated tax payments.
  4. Check off the tax payment and select Mark as tax payment.

If you see a payment under "paid estimated taxes, no further action is needed. Be sure to double-check the date the transaction cleared! It may not have cleared your bank and pulled into QuickBooks Self-Employed until after the quarter ended.


Check out this article for more details: Pay Federal Estimated Quarterly Taxes. It provides detailed steps on how to pay taxes via mail or online. This also includes quarterly estimated tax payment due dates.


Should you need anything else with your tax payments, feel free to hit Reply below. I'm always glad to help you out.


Thank you and take care always!

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