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I have an account and its due to renew

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I have an account and its due to renew

check your license status and payment info in your CAMPS. Make sure your credit card is valid.


I have an account and its due to renew

Happy to help, @bnautomotive.


If it's time for your Desktop license to renew, you can login to CAMPs to make sure everything is up-to-date as mentioned by @Fiat Lux - ASIA. I've included a short video and some steps for updating your billing information below.



  1. Sign in to or learn more about signing in.
  2. Find your app or subscription in the Products & Services list.
  3. Click Details.
  4. In the Billing Information section, find Payment Method, then select Edit.
  5. Update your information.
  6. Hit Save and Close.


Once everything's up-to-date, you're good to go! Your subscription will renew automatically. If you'd like to stop your subscription, I recommend checking out: Cancel your QuickBooks Desktop subscription


Let me know if you have any other questions by hitting that Reply button below. I'm here as your number one resource for QuickBooks. Have a wonderful day!

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