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I need to hire someone to set up my quickbooks online accountant for one of my clients with Shopify app.

I have a client that has a retail/online operation and uses Shopify. I just can't figure out how these interact with Quickbooks online Accountant and I just don't have the time to pour over the 10 million posts everywhere that explain how to make this work. I got an email that my export of Shopify failed, but I have items in my Shopify Holding account in QBO. So what do I do now? I am willing to pay someone who will go over how this works and how to get the export to work

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QuickBooks Team

Hi, jcseabaugh.  There’s isn’t a direct way of download...

Hi, jcseabaugh

There’s isn’t a direct way of downloading Shopify transactions. We’ll need a help of third-party applications that can help you sync your Shopify items to QuickBooks Online. To get one, you can visit the site at

Also, you can find an expert in this site to help you while working with your company file:

If you have additional questions about QuickBooks, let me know. Add a comment and I'll get back to you.