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Limiting user to only one function


We would like to have a user only be able to create a sales receipt and not see/do anything else.

They should not even be able to edit previous receipts. Basically, almost like a cash registry front-end for QBO



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QuickBooks Team

Limiting user to only one function

Hi there, ismaelrumzan.


For now, creating a user that can only create a sales receipt is unavailable in QuickBooks Online. Any user that's given access to the Customers and Sales section will be able to see other information in that area. 


To learn more about the different types of user access, please visit this article: Get To Know User Types And Permissions.


You can also send a feature request about getting more options when to comes to user access. Just click the Gear icon and select Feedback


Visit us again in the Community if you need anything else. Have a great day. 

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