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manage log in settings - need to disable credit card protection?

I am administrator. Trying to look up a User's log in password. Says I can't due to credit card protection.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: manage log in settings - need to disable credit card protection?

It’s good to have you here, @groomnan.


I’m here to help walk you through in updating the password of your Authorized User.


One possible reason you‘re prompted that you cannot change the password of your user is because you’ve enabled the credit card protection and haven’t met one of the password requirements


In compliance with the PCISS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), instead of disabling your credit card protection you are required to use the complex password in assigning a new password for your authorized users.  

  • A complex password should contain:

    • At least seven characters (letters, numbers, special characters).

    • Should have at least one number.

    • Must have at least one uppercase letter.

  • Complex passwords should be changed every 90 days.

Here’s how to update your user’s password:

  1. Click Company.
  2. Go to Users.
  3. Choose Set Up Users and Roles.
  4. In the User List tab, select User.
  5. Hit Edit.
  6. Type in the new password and confirmed it.
  7. Click Ok.

That should do it! Let me know how it works on your end. I’m always here to help you manage your authorized user. 

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