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master admin

I have been trying to get the master admin changed on my account for almost 4 months now. I have uploaded everything you have asked for and I get nothing in return. You never call like your email says you will. When I call all I get us the run around from customer service.  It should not take this long or be this complicated for the amount of money I pay you. 


When is someone actually going to get to fixing my account?

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master admin

Hello, @jbullbkmd.


We don't want you to feel this inconvenience, I want you to know that helping you is our priority. However, since the Community is a public place and I want to ensure that your account remains safe. 


I highly suggest reaching out to our QBO Care team to verify the status of your Master Admin claim request. They will ask for your email address and account details to check your records.


Here's how to contact support:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Click the Help menu.
  3. Hit Contact us.
  4. From the description box, enter Check the status of my Master Admin Claim request.
  5. Select Let's talk.
  6. Choose Get a callback or Start messaging.


You might also want to check this link for more details: Change your QuickBooks Online master admin user.


For your future reference, you may consider reading this handy article about adding multiple users in QuickBooks Online: Add, delete, or change user access.


Let me know if there's anything else that you need by leaving a reply below. I'm always around to help. Take care always. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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master admin


Consider the following workaround to resolve your problem. Open a new QBO account.




Then utilize a 3rd party tool to migrate data between QBO accounts.



Hope it helps.


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