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Merging customers with estimates attached

I am trying to merge two customers that are duplicative. I am getting an error message "Names with estimates cannot be merged. Delete one or the other estimate first." There are no "outstanding" estimates and there are no "duplicate" estimates or invoices on either of the two customers.


Anyone know why I am getting this error and why I cannot merge the two?? Seems I have been able to merge customers with estimates before. I haven't found anything of the like on the community board.

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QuickBooks Team

Merging customers with estimates attached

Hi, KAV. I'm here to help with merging your duplicate customer.


First, I recommend you go through and look at every transaction that could apply to the error saying that you cannot merge customers with open invoices.

You can easily view these by following these steps:

  1. Click Customers on the top menu bar
  2. Then click the Customer Center from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll and find the customers that you're trying to merge, then select the customer.
  4. At this point, you're viewing the full transaction list of that customer
  5. You can filter this down by selecting the Show drop-down
  6. Then clicking to view specific transactions. Which in this scenario would be Estimates.
  7.  To see Open Estimates, you can navigate to the Filter By drop-down and clicking Open Estimates.

Once you make sure that there are no estimates that could be causing this error, you could try a rebuild of the company file. Sometimes QuickBooks could be missing links within transactions, and by doing the rebuild, it will fix this error. If you have any follow up questions, please reach out to me here. 

Level 2

Merging customers with estimates attached

Thanks, will try the rebuild. The transactions are linked (they were not originally, but we corrected that problem before I submitted the question, maybe QBDT needs to rebuild now, didn't think of that).


Crossing my fingers... :)

Level 2

Merging customers with estimates attached

I tried the rebuild and that didn't work. There are no open estimates on either of the customers. 


Any other ideas?? Not sure why this  isn't working....




QuickBooks Team

Merging customers with estimates attached

Hello there, KAV.


I have another workaround that we can check which is to run the estimates report for each customer. This way, we can see how many estimates we have. From there, we can manually open each estimates and either delete or convert it to an invoice. 


I'll show you how:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and select Customer Center
  2. Select the first customer and under the Reports For This Customer section.
  3. Click Show Estimates
  4. From the report, let's filter the Dates to All.

We can then then merge the customers again. 


If the same issue persists, I suggest getting in touch with us so we can further investigate.

  1. Click the Help menu and click QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Enter a brief description of your concern that you got the merging customer error and then click Continue.
  3. Choose a way on how to connect with us. It can be through call, callback, or chat

Keep me posted on how this works. Thanks!

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