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Multiple currencies

I'm trying to figure out how do I show the dual currency when I print an estimate or quotation? I see it displaying the US and Haitian currency when preparing it, but when printing it only shows the US total amount and the taxes in the Haitian currency. Any idea how to show both the US total and Haitian Gourdes total on the same estimate? Appreciate some guidance.

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Multiple currencies

Hello Alberto,


Printing estimate showing two currencies is a great idea. Currently, only the customer currency will display when printing the sales forms. However, you can use the Memo box instead. Enter the amount total amount in US and Haitian Gourdes currencies.


I'll personally send feedback about this. I encourage you to send yours by clicking on the Gear icon and selecting Feedback.


If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to post. We'll be glad to help. 

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