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My account isn’t letting me in after a subscription purchase can you help me?

I purchased the subscription on August 24 introductory offer $.99 for three months subscription price 999 starting November 24 it will not let me into my account without purchasing another subscription can you help me?

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QuickBooks Team

Hi catj38, You have to make sure that you're on the corre...

Hi catj38,

You have to make sure that you're on the correct website when signing into QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE).  Let me provide you more information on how you sign in.

Go to this link to sign in to your account: Then, use the same Email or User ID and password that you used to subscribe to your account.

However, if you're still unable to log in, I suggest contacting our support team to locate for your subscribed account. They have the tools to pull up your account in a secure environment. Here's how to reach them:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Self-Employed account.
  2. Click the Help (next to Assistant) menu on the upper right.
  3. Click Contact us.
  4. Fill in Ask a question (or tell us what’s wrong), then select Continue.
  5. Choose the chat method.

I have this link in case you want to do changes in your QBSE account: Account Management Help Articles.

Let us know if you need further assistance. I'll be right here to help.

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