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opening a US account from overseas



I'm a UK citizen and I've opened a US C-Corp and a Bank of America account, I've gone to setup a QB account. 


Because I don't have a SS number or permanent US address, can I ask my US based business manager or US accountant or staff to do the final setups so I can send invoices by email / access QB to the fullest?

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Re: opening a US account from overseas

I'm not sure why you would be using (or asked for) a SS#, your US Corp should have a EIN assigned to it - the Corp's tax ID number and that is the only number that should be used by the Corp.   Have you checked with your Accountant or CFO?


And even if you meant S-Corp, which does funnel back into the individuals tax return, there should still be a tax ID for the company that should be used.

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