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payroll permission for executive salaried employees

We do not wish all  of our users to have access to see executive/salaries employees' payroll  info;  however,  all of our users do require access to the company P&L.   Is there anyway to set the permissions so that they can still access the P&L but are not able to see detailed  information for the executive salaries?   (seeing total amounts is fine, but not details for each individual).  Tried denying access to payroll functions, but they can still see that info via the P&L.  Tried denying access to "sensitive accounting activities"  but that totally locks  them out of the reports.   Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks.

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payroll permission for executive salaried employees

Hey there, JDW19.


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. I'd be glad to provide some info regarding user access in your QuickBooks account.


You may want to try creating a Custom Role. With that, you can pick and choose which areas your users have permission to view; including reports and payroll. I'll show you how:


1. Select the Company menu, then Users.

2. Choose Users and Roles.

3. Click the Role List tab, then New.

4. Enter a name and description.

5. In the Area and Activities section, choose an area of your account. Review each area and select None, Full, or Partial access.

6. Select OK to save.


I've got an article for you that offers even more details on this process. You can check it out here.


I'm only a post or comment away if you have any other questions.

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payroll permission for executive salaried employees

Thank you for your time in providing this info.  Unfortunately,  it looks like your suggestion only pertains to QuickBooks Enterprises version,  whereas we are on QuickBooks Premier desktop version.



payroll permission for executive salaried employees

It's great to see you again, JDW19,


At the moment, there isn't a way to assign restrictions on what reports a user can create or view in the company file. New users can either have full, limited or no access to the program's features and functions.


I understand how helpful and time-efficient it is to be able to set restrictions on reports in QuickBooks Premier. I'll be sending this request to our engineers who rolls out product enhancements and features.


If you have other questions about this or anything else about QuickBooks, let me know by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be glad to provide further assistance whenever you needed so. Cheering you a wonderful week!

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