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Popup Warnings Will Not Stop Even Though They Are Turned Off...Using 2018 Premier Desktop

We are using Quickbooks 2018 Premier Desktop on Windows 10 over a home network with two licenses.  I have already UNCHECKED the "warn when editing transactions" checkbox under My Preferences, however Quickbooks still INSISTS on warning me every single time I try to change the date on a bill payment.  A little background…my husband enters and pays bills in Quickbooks and I reconcile our accounts.  Many times, when my husband makes a bill payment, he forgets to change the payment date to the correct date and lets it "auto-fill"...he likes to "binge-enter" several days' worth of transactions at a time. When I go in to reconcile our accounts in Quickbooks, there may be 30 to 50 bill payments that all have the same date (usually whatever the date was when he entered them), which is inaccurate.  I must go into every single payment that has an incorrect date and change it...and yes, I have asked my husband repeatedly to watch the dates, but alas we still have the problem, and I digress...  Each time I go into a payment and change the date, I get the dreaded “Quickbooks allows you to do this, but you need to be careful…” warning.  There is no “don’t show me this again” option available.  I must choose yes, no or cancel.  I am accessing the Company File over our home network from my wireless laptop inside of our house.  Said Company File is located on an external hard drive {connected directly (via USB) to my husband's ethernet-connected computer in his office out in our backyard}, therefore, Quickbooks is already PAINFULLY slow for me to work in.  Having to go through this warning over and over and over is REALLY time-consuming and unnecessary.  Please tell me there’s an option for me to turn it OFF.  I’ll go through an FBI background check, give a DNA sample, whatever it takes to TURN THIS THING OFF!  I promise, the answer is always going to be YES, I AM CERTAIN WANT TO CHANGE THIS TRANSACTION!

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Popup Warnings Will Not Stop Even Though They Are Turned Off...Using 2018 Premier Desktop

Hello there, @tkb3abby.


I appreciate you providing the complete details of your concern. I can share some information about the popup message you're getting when changing the bill payment date in QuickBooks.


The option to turn off the popup message that you're getting is currently unavailable in QuickBooks. For now, you'll manually select Yes whenever you receive the popup message when changing the bill payment date.


I can see how this option would be helpful for you and your business. I'm going to submit a feedback to our Product Developers regarding this option. I'd also encourage you to submit a feedback. These requests and suggestions are forwarded to the Product Development Team for consideration in future updates.


Here's how:


1. At the top menu bar, go to Help.
2. Click Send Feedback Online.
3. Enter your request/product suggestion, then click Next.
4. Click Skip and send a message.
5. Select Feedback as the Category.


That's it! Thanks for being a part of our QuickBooks family. If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to reach back out. I'll be here to help.

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